Verizon intros prepaid Allset Plans, Bridge Data add-ons

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 3, 2014

Verizon Wireless CTIA

Less than a month after Verizon unveiled its refreshed More Everything shared data postpaid plans, the big red carrier has gone ahead and overhauled its prepaid plans as well.

Known as Allset Plans, Verizon's newest prepaid offerings start out at $35 per month for basic phones and $45 for smartphones. Both offerings include unlimited messaging and 500MB of data as well as mobile hotspot support. Minute allotments for the Allset Plans are set at 500 minutes for the $35 offering and unlimited minutes for both $45 plans.

Those users that'd prefer a little more data than what is included with the base Allset Plans will want to sign up for a Bridge Data add-on. This feature allows customers to add more data to their account whenever they'd like, and any data that's not used in one monthly cycle will roll over to the next. Bridge Data options include 500MB for $5 with a 30-day expiration, 1GB for $10 with a 90-day expiration and 3GB for $20 with a 90-day expiration.

Verizon is also promoting a couple of limited time offers for early Allset adopters. Any new customers on the $45 basic phone or smartphone plan will receive 1,000 minutes per month to be used for international calls made to Canada and Mexico. Additionally, smartphone-toting Allset subscribers that enroll in AutoPay will have their monthly data allotment bumped up to 1GB.

The new Allset Plans are available starting today and can be found on Verizon's website by clicking right here. While the starting data allotment of these plans may be a bit low for some users, the option to add additional megabytes with Bridge Data is a nice feature, allowing customers to get more data when they're in a particularly heavy usage cycle and then carry any remaining data into the next monthly cycle. The inclusion of mobile hotspot support is a welcome inclusion as well. 

Are any of you thinking about signing up for one of Verizon's prepaid Allset Plans?

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