LG G Flex 30 Day Challenge, Day 14: The Battery

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 4, 2014

We're not even a week into March yet, but I've already had my hands on LG's G Flex for two weeks now. It started with a list of things I didn't like, but after a few days I found some features I did like. Between those events, though, I talked about the G Flex's six-inch curved P-OLED display and the 13MP camera on the back of the device. Basically, we've done some good work with the device's most notable features so far, but it's not all about screen size and megapixels.

The longer you have with a phone, the more comfortable you get with it. You start to notice some of the smaller things, and take for granted some of the other larger elements. Whatever phone you're using right now, I'm sure that you've grown accustomed to the battery life it offers you. It may have had some interesting peaks and valleys a few days after you took it out of the box, maybe even a week later, but around the two-week mark you've probably got a good handle on what you can get away with during the day.

Everything depends on individual usage, though. Manufacturers do their tests inside their labs to make sure that they can tell you, based on those tests, how long your battery will generally last given certain parameters. Listening to music? Watching movies? Browsing the 'net? Talking on the phone? Connected to LTE or 3G? All of these things, how ever small or big, all have an impact on how long your battery will last on any given Sunday.

Or any day for that matter.

The battery inside the G Flex is a non-removable Li-Po, measured at 3500mAh. It's a big battery, but that shouldn't be surprising considering the size of the device. With big phones we get big batteries, and the general belief is that means we get longer battery life, too. In most cases, like with Samsung's Galaxy Note "phablet" series of devices, that is more often the case indeed. So, the question I had to answer for myself ever since starting this 30-day challenge, was how well the battery stood up after several days of usage.

Cutting right to the bone, the LG G Flex's battery doesn't disappoint. It's a trooper when it comes right down to it. Put another way: It will last as long as you need it to, given most situations. When I put it through its paces, with a lot of videos watched, a lot of social media browsed, texts sent, calls made, and music listened to, it lasted right around 13 hours. Put through another set of heavy usage trials in a single day, without any video watched, it survived 16 hours with about 30 percent remaining when it was all said and done.

LG didn't skimp on the battery, but then again, it probably didn't have a choice in the matter considering the size of the G Flex. We expect the bigger devices to have longer-lasting battery life, and that trend doesn't fade with this particular handset. The standby time is just as impressive, lasting several days before it starts to see any decline in the battery meter. I don't think many people would have a problem getting two days battery life out of the G Flex with moderate usage. But, again, that's completely dependent on your own patterns and daily needs.

The battery in the G Flex is definitely impressive, and if you're looking for a device that can last a day or more, it won't disappoint you. In today's world, getting the battery life we need has never been more important, so it's good to see manufacturers paying more attention to that need. How important is battery life for you, and do you have a device that meets those needs? Let me know!

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