Motorola adds "What's up?" command to Touchless Control, also updates Migrate app

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 5, 2014

Moto X Touchless Control

Google's not the only one issuing app updates today. Motorola has issued fresh versions of its Touchless Control and Migrate apps, adding new features and bug fixes to both.

The biggest addition to Touchless Control is the ability to ask your device "What's up?" Doing so will make it read back your notifications. If that's a little too informal for you, you can also simply tell your handset to "Read notifications." The feature works with U.S. English, Spanish and Italian and is in beta for other languages. Motorola has also enhanced the app's end-of-speech detection for improved accuracy and faster responses, and there are some unspecified bug fixes thrown in for good measure.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Migrate app has gained a few new Android-to-Android migration features. Users can now choose which content that they want to transfer, the app can now automatically import a user's SIM contacts into a Google account and there's also improved interaction for situations in which the old phone's content is larger than the amount of space available on the new devices. Moto also says that there are "minor bug fixes" included in this update.

Motorola has been pretty update-happy in recent months, pushing OS upgrades out to its Moto X and Moto G devices as well as a number of updates to its unique apps. The new Touchless Control "What's up?" command will come in handy when you want to know what alerts are making your phone blow up but you're unable to actually check the notifications for whatever reason. Plus, it's just cool that the phone will respond to "What's up?"

If you've got a compatible Moto or Droid device and want to give these new features a go for yourself, you can do just that by hitting up the Play Store links below.

Via Droid-Life, Google Play Store: Touchless Control, Motorola Migrate