Apple request for permanent ban on Samsung products denied by judge

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 6, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mega Apple iPhone 5

Another chapter in the longstanding legal war between Apple and Samsung was written today, as Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple's request for a permanent injunction on 23 Samsung products. The Cupertino firm was recently given a second chance to win a ban on Samsung's hardware by an appeals court, but Judge Koh felt that Apple failed to show that its three patented features drove consumer demand for Samsung's devices.

Apple and Samsung have been duking it out in court since mid-2011. That legal battle will continue later this month when they meet each other in court once again, this time to argue over products that are more recent than those involved in the case in which Apple's request for an injunction was denied. One device involved in this upcoming trial is the Galaxy S III. 

While Apple didn't have any luck winning a ban on Samsung's hardware, it did receive $929.8 million in damages that it was awarded in previous courtroom meetings with Samsung. That total includes $640 million from the original trial between the two companies as well as an additional $290 million that a jury awarded to Apple in November 2013. 

Recent reports revealed that Apple and Samsung met last month to try and reach a settlement in their lengthy patent battle. Just as with their previous meetings, though, no resolution was reached. Now we've got to gear up for another courtroom showdown, and because this one involves more recent hardware like the Galaxy S III, it should make for a pretty interesting fight. 

Via Wall Street Journal, FOSSPatents