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If it weren't for some annoying issues with HTC's new Sense, the One would have been my favorite phone of 2013. As it stands, the One *is* my favorite Android-based device that launched last year, and considering how many devices we saw --many of them great in their own regard-- that's a pretty tall reward in my book. And as we inched closer to 2014, I became increasingly more excited about the future of HTC and what would replace the original One.

It'll be great, right?

I want HTC's All New One, or whatever they decide to call it (I'm seriously hoping they're still working on a name), to be great. Not just as good as the original, but I want it to improve on everything that the first model introduced. Even if the changes are small, and the new One is far more iterative than revolutionary, as long as the total package gets improved to create the best possible device, then HTC will win in my book.

More than that, though, I actually want the rest of the mobile industry to start paying attention to something that shouldn't have taken so dang long to institute: front-facing speakers. I remember when HTC introduced BoomSound, and the pair of speaker grilles on the front of the One started taking the world by storm in their official capacity. Everyone was asking the same thing, "Why'd this take so long?" and for good reason. It shouldn't have taken so long.

It's also ridiculous that only one company is doing it. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that HTC has something up their sleeve that makes other manufacturers wary of introducing the same feature, but there have to be ways around this. Right? Because this isn't something only one company should be doing. Front-facing speakers should be common. Everyone should be doing it, and consumers should be enjoying watching movies or listening to music without having to use headphones. Not everyone wants to use headphones.

All of these devices are supposed to make consuming content better, and they've made it better in a lot of ways, no doubt. However, if I'm going to be watching a movie on my phone wit ha six-inch display, then I shouldn't have to cup my hand around the back-side, or even the bottom of it to make sure I can hear it. That's ridiculous! And yet, we're forced to keep doing it.

As far as I'm concerned, if the new One is the only device in 2014 to feature front-facing speakers, that right there is going to be one of the reasons it's one of the best devices of the year. Full stop. But the other companies could give it a run for its money by catching on.

How on Earth are front-facing cameras (still) more important than installing front-facing speakers? Are we seriously in dire need of better selfies? Really?

Do you think more companies should input front-facing speakers on their phones? What about tablets, for that matter? Would you like to see these manufacturers put more effort in making the sound quality on our devices better? Let me know!

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