More Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center details leak out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: March 6, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center features leak

If the many (and I mean many) Windows Phone 8.1 leaks that we've seen so far are accurate, the update will bring several new features to Microsoft's mobile platform, including on-screen navigation buttons and a new personal assistant. Perhaps the most-anticipated addition of all is Action Center, a legit notification panel that's been shown to include some quick settings toggles as well. We've already gotten a look at Action Center in screenshots and on video, and now some more details on the new feature have been revealed by some newly-leaked documents.

So we know that the Action Center can display notifications from an app, right? Well thanks to some confidential presentation slides, we now know about some of the finer details of these notifications. For example, users will have a few different options when they want to remove an alert from the Action Center: they can remove a single notification, remove a group or remove all of the alerts. Here's the full list of leaked Action Center's user features and developer APIs:

Action Center user features

  • 20 Notifications per app
  • Persistent notifications for 7 days (or shorter)
  • Users can
    • "chase" (tap) a notification
    • remove a notification
    • remove a group of notifications
    • remove all notifications
  • Available on Phone only

Action Center Management APIs

  • Manage app notifications
  • Developers can
    • Remove one or many notifications
    • Tag and group notifications
    • Replace a notification with a new one
    • Set an expiration on notifications
    • Send "Ghost Toast" notifications (only show up in notification center)

While there aren't really any shocking new features revealed by these new docs, they do help to give us a better idea of how Action Center will work when Windows Phone 8.1 launches. One of the more interesting Action Center features that we've seen so far is the "ghost toast" alert, which will send a notification that won't pop up at the top of a user's display but will be shown in the Action Center when accessed.

What do you think of Action Center so far? Is it enough to get you to check out a Windows Phone 8.1 device when they begin arriving?

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