What would you change about Samsung's Galaxy S5?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 7, 2014

On February 24, 2014, Samsung unveiled their newest flagship device. Starting Mobile World Congress 2014 off with a bang, the Galaxy S5 swept up the majority of attention from show attendees, and even those who couldn't make it to Barcelona to see the device in person. Samsung must not have been paying much attention to all of those rumors about their device, because only a few managed to pan out. The final result, the official device, may not have offered as much as many believed it would, especially when it comes to design changes (both software and hardware), but that doesn't mean the handset isn't impressive on its own merits.

Or maybe it isn't. For anyone that was looking forward to Samsung's next Galaxy S hero device, they were probably watching for every news rumor and leak that made its way onto the Internet. There's no doubt that many of those leaks and suggestions had been repeated week-to-week, and that could definitely paint a picture for anyone who's paying attention. Samsung's Galaxy S5 could be crushed by its own expectations, but we'll just have to wait until April to find out, when it finds its way to store shelves.

Before Samsung officially unveiled the new Galaxy S5, I asked all of you if you had already decided to buy the device, no matter what the company announced. I asked, because at the time I knew someone who had already decided that the Galaxy S5 would be theirs. They had heard some of the rumors, but it ultimately didn't matter. The Galaxy S 4 was one of their favorite phones of all time, so the next one was just an obvious decision.

The Galaxy S5 may not be an obvious choice for you, though. Not even now, with all of its specs confirmed and the final model put on showcase. Moreover, the Galaxy S5 wasn't the only device to get announced at MWC 2014 (it could be one of the only ones available here in the U.S., though), and we know for a fact that even more high-end devices are coming down the pipe. That could mean what Samsung unveiled pinged the radar for only a few moments, but the details just weren't enough to keep your attention.

And I want to know why.

We know the processor under the hood. We know the camera's megapixels, both front and back. We know how big and how sharp the display is. We know all the finer details when it comes to the Galaxy S5, even if it's not available quite yet. For most, just looking at the specs, looking at the pictures, and watching the hands-on videos of a device are good enough to seal the deal on a purchase, or to confirm you're skipping it. The specs or design on any device have the potential to "not be good enough" for any particular person, and I want to know if that's the case with Samsung's latest hero device.

I want to know, from you, what you'd change about the Galaxy S5 to make it interesting for you. To make it a "must have" phone. IS there something about Samsung's new handset that just doesn't do it for you, that you'd rather see upgraded a bit, or just made better in general? Or, something changed that you just don't like? On the other hand, do you love the Galaxy S5, and can't wait to get it in your hands? Let me now where you stand with the Galaxy S5!

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