Orbs of Eternity App Review (Sponsored)

| March 10, 2014

A good mobile game is one that’s easy to start playing but continues to hold the player's attention with well-balanced challenges. I was very pleased to see that developer Breathing Bytes has taken that simple formula and used it to help shape their latest game for iPhone and iPad, Orbs of Eternity. Orbs of Eternity is a puzzle game that requires players to make quick, tactical decisions to overtake the computer for each map. In a market that’s flooded with hundreds and hundreds of different puzzles games, Orbs of Eternity stands out among the crowd. 

In Orbs of Eternity, players command green color orbs that generate energy at different rates. The goal of Orbs is to overtake all of the orbs on the map by transferring energy from one orb to another. That may sound simple, but the computer controls orbs of its own, and the struggle for domination of each map increases as you progress through the game. Players must stay vigilant and maintain enough energy in their own orbs while simultaneously planning their next attack. 

I really enjoyed the amount of strategy involved in planning my moves. I had to make sure that I had enough energy to reach out and connect one orb to another, while also leaving enough energy to prevent an opponent takeover. This wasn't the easiest task, especially when I struggled to connect one orb to another with a swipe. Unless I was extremely deliberate with my gestures, the orbs refused to cooperate at times. It’s a small irritation, but I think it’s something that could use be tweaked. That said, the strategy was continuously changing and the challenge progression was great. Even after playing through more than 40 maps, I found myself ready for more, which lead me to bump up the difficulty and lead to more fun times. 

I was also pleased with the presentation value of Orbs. The game has a simple but effective play style that shows through the overall presentation. Orbs of Eternity doesn’t throw a bunch of excess flash, music or sound effects at the player. The game knows what it is — a great strategy puzzle game — and sells itself based off its challenges and mechanics. Overall, the game looks good, and I didn't have any issues with the menus or tip windows that it provides. Good job, Breathing Bytes.

The Wrap-up

The Good: Orbs of Eternity is fun, addicting and smart. The challenge progression is great, the presentation value is spot on and the large number of maps make gives the game a good longevity. 

The Bad: Connecting orbs together can be difficult, especially in high-stress moments. 

The Verdict: Orbs of Eternity grabs the player's attention with its easy to understand gameplay and then sells itself with a great blend of challenge progression and unique puzzles. If you're someone who likes fast-paced tactical strategy games, then Orbs of Eternity needs to be on your download list. iPhone and iPad users can download the full game from the App Store for a $1.99.