Is the OnePlus One on your radar?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: March 11, 2014

As we march inexorably towards the end of March, many eyes are transfixed upon a certain date. March 25. The circle's been drawn, probably a few times in earnest, and in red ink, to help signify our excitement for what's to come. HTC, the company that wowed smartphone fans with the release of the aluminum-clad One, is set to debut the handset's successor on that particular date. It's going to be an exciting few hours, that's for sure.

Hopefully for HTC, though, it's an exciting few days (if not weeks), because the device is amazing and people can't wait to get their hands on it. We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out for the company that's looking to gain some momentum in the mobile industry again.

While HTC probably wishes March was reserved for its own impending handset, there's one company that just refuses to let the limelight veer away from its own unannounced endeavor. There's a stark contrast between the two companies vying for attention, though, in the way that they're drumming up attention.

HTC, for the most part, is staying relatively quiet when it comes to their new handset. That is, up until recently, anyway. They've turned to releasing small advertisements for the next One, which is rumored to be called the All New One, in which they talk about a specific feature, like BoomSound, and tease its potential. Far outnumbering these official means of stoking the fire, though, are the innumerable leaks that we've seen over the last few months. From video to still frames, the All New One has already seen its fare share of the world, long before its official unveiling.

The other company is OnePlus, which has a device, also called One, set to launch sometime in the second quarter of this year. No finalized date yet, but in place of that is a whole bunch of other information: like screen size, processor power, battery size, and LTE support. We even know how much memory will be onboard, thanks to two models.

Technically, we know more about the OnePlus One, yet HTC's All New One is a far more real device.

In the latest bit of information released for the OnePlus One, we actually get to see the supposed phone . . . underneath another phone. We don't actually get to see anything worthwhile, and for now the handset that supposedly boasts a 5.5-inch display in a handset meant for a 5-inch screen is still a relative mystery.

Truth be told, the OnePlus One sounds like it'll be a great device, especially if the price tag is where they say it will be. But, right now, it's just vaporware and I've never, ever been a fan of that idea. I don't want to believe that this device doesn't exist, but honestly, we're just dealing with specs being thrown out, great price tags, and that's about it. Just pipe dreams. For now.

So, while we don't know many of the details in the same way about HTC's All New One, I can't help but be more excited for that handset -- even if the price tag will probably be much higher than whatever OnePlus finally delivers.

How do you feel about the OnePlus One? Do you think it's a device that'll ever come out, or is it just a dream that will never materialize? Is this device one you're looking forward to, or is another handset on your radar? Let me know!

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