Google Wallet app update to bring 'Orders' package tracking feature

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 12, 2014

Google Wallet app Orders Nexus 5

Google has shown that it loves to help us get over the mid-week hump by rolling out updates to its apps, and this particular Wednesday is no different.

Google Wallet will be receiving an update this week that includes a new feature called "Orders." As you might've guessed by the name, the feature allows users to track current orders, view details of past orders and receive notifications of status updates. Once Orders is activated, users will see receipts sent to their Gmail account appear inside of the Wallet app, and Google says that it's working with U.S. package carriers to provide status updates as an order makes its way from the shipper to the recipient.

There's certainly no shortage of ways to track an online order, including many dedicated apps that allow users to input tracking info and follow a package's progress as it makes its way to them. The addition of Orders to the Google Wallet app aims to cut down on the number of apps that a user needs to have installed, though, making Wallet a sort of one-stop shop for placing and tracking online purchases. 

The updated Google Wallet app is rolling out this week on both Android and iOS. Links to both can be found below.

Via Google Commerce, Google Play: Google Wallet, App Store: Google Wallet