High fives for the Fiverr app!

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO
Published: March 12, 2014

If there's one thing we should be able to appreciate with smartphones today, it's that they have been able to provide a convenient way to improve on-the-go productivity through applications. With apps like Microsoft Office (or alternatives), e-mail clients, extensive calendar apps, and other applications that make our jobs easier, many people are finding that they don't need much more than their smartphone in order to make it through any given day. As of this morning, busy freelancers can rejoice as we welcome one of the most popular freelancing platforms today into the world of Android via the Play Store: Fiverr!

If you've never heard of Fiverr, now might be a good time to learn about it as it's now easier than ever to use the service. The great thing about Fiverr is that it can benefit you either as a consumer or as a freelancer. You can either spend money for services on Fiverr, or you can earn money by providing the service yourself. As you can probably tell from the company's name, whether you're buying or selling everything pretty much costs $5 - and there are some pretty cool things that people can do for $5. 

That's actually one of the things I really like about Fiverr. When I say that you can freelance on the website, that basically means you can freelance just about any talent you can think of. Upon opening the app, one of the first services I am greeted with is a guy who will call and sing happy birthday as an opera singer. Another interesting find is a Fiverr user who will "create realistic looking Donut earrings". Although those are just two unique ones that stood out to me, you can also easily find writers, artists, graphic designers, reviewers, and critiquers. You can pretty much find anything on Fiverr, which is part of what makes it such a great platform.

I am extremely pleased that Fiverr is branching out to smartphones now. Although Fiverr was already released as an iOS app back in December (which also had an app update released today), the success of the iOS variant has made its way over to Android as of today. I had the priviledge of being able to check out this application yesterday, and am pleased to report that the app runs rather smoothly and has an exceptionally simple and effective design for buyers and sellers alike. 

The home page of the application features new and popular Fiverr gigs. Along the top of the home page you'll find a gray menu bar that scrolls with you so you never have to worry about scrolling all the way back up to access the functions. On the right side of that bar, you'll see a search button, as well as a menu for the Settings, Rating, Feedback and Logout functions. On the left side of the bar, you'll see the Fiverr logo as well as a menu dropdown for your own account. This pulls down a menu that allows you to view specific details only for you such as Inbox, Notifications, Collections, Shopping, and Sales. 

The settings for Fiverr are simple, but handy. You can change a few settings about yourself such as your name, e-mail address and bio. You can also change what push or e-mail notifications you receive from Fiverr. You can also change your payment options to either prompt you to log in to PayPal, or enable Single Click (looks like Single Click is enabled by default). 

When it comes down to viewing gigs on Fiverr, it's pretty simple. You're initially greeted with a card that gives you a title, preview (images or videos), category, username and location of the seller, as well as their rating. It's a lot of information just in that little card already, but to get into the deets of what the user's gig is all about you can simply click on the title for pricing, more information and (perhaps most importantly) ratings from people who already used the same service. I have found that the layout and the information provided is just as good, if not simpler to use than the actual Fiverr website. 

Sellers will also find that the Fiverr app is useful as they can quickly and easily connect with clients on-the-go. Although I haven't actually sold services for Fiverr in quite some time now, if I was still doing gigs I would definitely want to keep this app handy to keep up-to-date with requests, order details, payments and changes. 

Overall, I find that this application is intuitive and easy to use whether you plan to buy or sell services. Fiverr is a great way to put your talents or hobbies to good use and earn money while doing so, and the fact that this service is now available on two major platforms makes it that much easier to take your freelancing job with you wherever. It's also a handy way to look for odd jobs you might need done on a budget. With over 3 million gigs to choose from, you're almost sure to find just what you need on Fiverr. 

You can download the new Fiverr app for Android by clicking this link from your smartphone.