New Microsoft Camera app for Windows Phone 8.1 shown on video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 12, 2014
Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft Camera app leak
We've seen a number of videos surface in recent weeks that have given us a preview of some of the new features found in Windows Phone 8.1, including the Action Center notification panel and Cortana personal assistant. Today another clip has been posted, and this time we're getting an early peek at the new Microsoft Camera app that'll come built into WP8.1.
The lengthy video starts off by showing the Photos + Camera section of the Settings menu, which includes options to prevent an accidental camera launch when the phone is locked and the option of selecting a default camera app, both of which are currently available in Windows Phone 8. The user then dives into the Microsoft Camera app itself. The app features some buttons on the left side of the viewfinder that offer quick access to frequently-used settings. These buttons are user-customizable and can include things like a Camera Roll shortcut, resolution, front/rear camera switch and ISO.
Over on the right side of the viewfinder are buttons for the camera apps different modes. These include Single Photo, Burst Mode and Video. When in Burst Mode, users can change how long they want their unsaved Burst Mode photos to be kept.
The Microsoft Camera app shown in this leaked video looks like a major improvement over the default camera app found in Windows Phone 8. The user-customizable quick settings options on the left side of the viewfinder ought to help make snapping a quality photo faster, and the new Burst Mode is a welcome addition to the built-in camera app. It's also nice to see that Microsoft will still give users the ability to choose a different default camera app if they'd like.
To check out the Microsoft Camera app for Windows Phone 8.1 in action, peep the clip below.