Have you ever lost all the important things off your phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: March 13, 2014

When you use something every day, for a wide variety of different things, it becomes more important than any other item you may carry around. Your phone has been designed to be the best device it can be, especially when it's stealing the job of other specific devices. No more need to carry around a music player, or a camera (in most cases), or even a notepad. Our phones are workhorses, and for a lot of people if anything were to happen to it, it could be disastrous.

Some people will understand, while others won't. For whatever reason, there are folks out there who just don't see their phone as being all that important. And I can see where they're coming from. After all, it is just a phone, right? I probably fell into that camp a few years ago, but I'm definitely in the other camp now. My phone's contents, from words to pictures, is easily one of the most important things I carry around with me every day.

I baby my phones. I set them down softly, even on padded surfaces. I actively pay attention to their position at any given moment, to make sure they don't get dropped onto any kind of surface that might break a screen, or chip a corner. I don't use a case, though, which might seem strange, considering.

Hey, I don't like cases on my personal devices. I can't help it!

Despite all that careful attention, accidents can happen to anyone, at any moment. It's usually those spontaneous moments that can cause the most damage. It's what you don't see coming, right? I can honestly say it's a pretty terrifying thought to think about losing everything on my phone, so I can understand why someone might be angry if that happened to their phone -- and it had nothing to do with any kind of accident to the device.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from NBA player LeBron James that made me feel bad for the guy. The tweet said that his phone had just deleted everything on the handset, and then rebooted. He adds in the same tweet that it's one of the sickest feelings he's ever had. I'm not even going to get into "what phone he was using" thing, because I don't think it's important.

After seeing that tweet, though (and the reply from HTC is pretty funny), I couldn't help but want to ask if you've ever been in that kind of situation. I haven't experienced that with my phone, at least not yet, despite my terrible luck with technology. I've lost plenty of information from laptops over the years, though, so I do know that sick feeling well. I've just lucked out with phones so far.

Now, I've got to go find some wood to knock on.

What about you? Has your phone grown so important in your life, from keeping memories in a variety of ways to keeping your schedule in tact, that any kind of data loss would be a personal tragedy? Or have you made sure to keep your important stuff off the handset? Let me know!