Huawei to bring dual-OS Android and Windows Phone device to U.S.

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 13, 2014


Earlier this month, we learned that Indian manufacturer Karbonn Mobiles is planning to release a dual-OS smartphone that will run both Android and Windows Phone. Apparently Karbonn's not the only device maker that things such a product is a good idea, though, because a Huawei executive has revealed that his company is also prepping a dual-OS phone.

Huawei's Shao Yang has revealed in an interview ith TrustedReviews that his company will release a smartphone running both Android and Windows Phone to the U.S. in the second quarter. Yang, who serves as Huawei's Chief Marketing Officer, said that while his company is still committed to Microsoft's mobile OS, it's a much lower priority than Android. "If it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone," the exec explained. "If they have the Android and Windows together, you can change it as you wish and it is much easier for people to choose Windows Phone."

Details on Huawei's dual-OS device are still fairly light, but the fact that it will run both Android and Windows Phone will likely pique the interest of some smartphone fans. The benefit of a dual-OS phone for regular consumers seems less clear, as I'm betting that most folks don't care so much about the benefits of these two platforms that they'd be willing to seek out Huawei's handset and go through the effort of switching OSes regularly. Still, it's an intriguing idea that'll likely get Huawei some attention when the device launches next quarter.

Via Gizmodo, TrustedReviews