Let me remove stock apps, Apple

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 13, 2014

I haven't met anyone that likes bloatware. Of all the people that I've ever had a conversation about the mobile industry, about their phone, and the apps that they like to use, I've never heard someone tell me that they like bloatware. Most, in fact, have told me that they hate it, and that if they could they'd delete all the bloatware in the world. Not even just on their device. Just all of it. The whole thing. Maybe even the whole concept altogether.

Bloatware is something we've had to live with ever since the proliferation of applications in general. But, I can honestly say that I think it's something that has gotten a lot worse over the years. As manufacturers and carriers figured out people like apps, they started throwing their own options onto our devices without much of our opinion adding up to anything. There's no way that they think the majority of people like bloatware, so the only alternative can be that they just don't care.

And that's okay, because it's their device and their service, so it's just something we have to deal with. Right? Seems to be the case, because there doesn't seem to be any changing it. We just have to watch it get worse. And it's getting worse. I know Samsung think it's great that they're offering hundreds of dollars in free stuff with their recently released, or upcoming devices, but it just means more stuff on our devices even before we turn them on.

One of the strengths of Apple's iPhone is that it doesn't come with bloatware, so to speak. The carriers aren't allowed to put their stuff on the phone before you turn it on. If you want your carrier's navigation app, then you have to go download it on your own -- you won't find it on your phone out of the box. And that's great. Less bloatware isn't perfect, but it's better than a ton of it.

Apple has bloatware, though. Their own apps, for a lot of people, are bloatware. Stocks. Weather. The clock, voice memos, compass and newsstand, for instance. Some would even say Passbook is a bloatware app, too. These are all subjective to your personal tastes, mind you, and I know not all of those are going to be bloatware in your eyes. I would agree with you. But a lot of people do. I'm sure you've heard all the rage over Newsstand since its debut.

It looks like it's getting worse with Apple, too.

According to some rumors, accompanied by some "leaked images of iOS 8," Apple's gearing up to include even more apps right out of the box, and you're just going to have to be happy about it. The new apps are reportedly Healthbook, Preview (which is a standard app on a MacBook), TextEdit and an app called Tips. Four new apps. Four! I know, four's not a lot, but just add that to the list of other apps Apple wants you to love, and you may think it's getting out of hand.

Just let me delete them, Apple. Let me remove them from my phone. I know you want me to like them, and I get that you have great services that you want to show off (most times), and that I'm probably not supposed to not like anything you make (reality distortion field and all that), but the truth is I don't like it all, and I want to remove some of it. Not all of it! Just some of it. So, you know, let me do that. Please.

You still can't remove bloatware from Android-based devices, not without some extra work on your end, but it's one of the best parts of Windows Phone. Being able to remove all those carrier apps after setting up a new device is *fantastic*! This is something Apple should copy from Microsoft.

Please and thank you.

Would you like to be able to remove stock apps from your device, without having to go through any extra hoops? Is this something that should just go without saying? Is it frustrating to you that you can't do it as easily as you think you should be able to? Which apps from Apple would you remove from your iOS-based device if you could? Let me know!

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