BlackBerry Kopi flaunts its QWERTY keyboard for the camera

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 14, 2014

BlackBerry Kopi in the wild

Remember the BlackBerry Kopi? This diminutive BlackBerry smartphone first popped up on our radar in September 2013 when it posed for a couple of photographs that eventually made their way online. Fast-forward a few months and a rumor surfaced that claimed that the QWERTY-clad Kopi had been cancelled so that BlackBerry could lessen an "identified inventory risk." Now here we are today, staring at a couple of new photos of the Kopi that show that it's not six feet underground quite yet.

The BlackBerry Kopi shown in these latest images looks just like the one that we saw last year. The device is sporting a BlackBerry Q5-like design with a rectangular shape, rounded corners and a square display. Of course, it's got a physical QWERTY keyboard on its face as well. Around back is a textured battery cover as well as a camera with an LED flash.

The exact spec details of the BlackBerry Kopi were never revealed, but it's expected that the handset was an entry-level model that would not have included 4G LTE connectivity. The Kopi sounds like it'd be a good fit for BlackBerry's effort to hold the attention of customers in developing markets, but it's possible that this particular unit just wasn't low-cost enough, and as a result it may have ended up getting scrapped. We'll just have to wait and see if this thing ever makes it to market or if it truly did get canned, but the good news is that if it really is cancelled, at least we're getting one more peek at it.

Via N4BB, Weibo