How did you end up with your current phone?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| March 14, 2014

As we discussed a little bit yesterday, most of us have some sort of personal attachment to our phones. While yesterday I wanted to know how you made your phone stand out from the crowd, today seemed like a good day to go back a little bit and touch base about just how your phone came to be yours. Was it by choice, a hand-me-down until you're able to get your next upgrade, or perhaps a present that you have grown to love (or perhaps just tolerate)? 

I have a few phones on me right now, only one of which I ever use as a "daily driver". Although I had been dabbling in Windows Phone for a while with my Lumia 928, I found that I eventually grew bored with it and have decided to let it hibernate until Windows Phone 8.1 comes out. For right now, I'm actually using a Moto X as my daily driver. Initially, I was less than stoked for the comeback phone from Motorola. I was not impressed by the always-on sensors, I thought the specs were a big lacking and would slow down the phone, and initially I thought the price was way too high. It didn't help that the Moto X was the finished product of what many people had speculated would be Google's "X" phone, or the phone that was one of the most overhyped in phone history. There was a lot of reasons not to like Moto X.

When Aaron initially asked me if I wanted to review the device, I was torn. As I have mentioned, I am not keen on always-on sensors - especially given the recent privacy issues in the United States. However, if I was going to be as critical about the phone as I was, I should at least have as much hands-on experience as I can get to make a more educated opinion on it. I begrudgingly accepted, but as it would turn out, my extended hands-on time with the Moto X would be what caused me to forget my skepticism and fall in love with the features instead.

I ended up loving the whole hands-off approach that Motorola took with the Moto X, making me feel a little embarrassed about previous accusations blasting the feature (something I am not ashamed to admit - there will be times where I have a change of heart). I liked not having to press the power button every time I wanted to see the time or if I had missed a notification, so Active Display was a feature I had missed once I sent the Moto X back (it was also a feature I love in the Lumias, although in the Lumia devices the feature uses the name Glance Display). I also ended up being fascinated at the fact that I could say "OK, Google Now" several feet away from my phone and it would listen. It was actually rather incredible considering the information it could relay to me without even having to touch the phone. Aside from the Moto X's unique features, I found that the phone also had decent battery life and some other considerably good bloatware, which almost never happens for me.

There are two Motorola bloatware applications that I use all the time, and that's Motorola Assist and Motorola Connect - with Motorola Connect being one of the best features included in a phone. Motorola Connect makes it so that even when my phone isn't near me, I can still text and see who is calling through my computer using an extention in google Chrome. This works out really well when my son wants to use my phone in Kid Mode and I'm still having conversations with other people. 

The fact that the Moto X had so many features that I enjoyed using was what made it such a desirable phone to me. It doesn't have the highest specs, but it still runs like a champ and even has a decent price these days at $399 (although it's not too hard to find it on sale for much less, which is when I bought mine). Motorola has gotten a lot of spotlight because of it's lower-end handset, Moto G, but I think the Moto X is also deserving of praise due to its useful and unique feature-packed nature. 

In the end, I liked the Moto X so much when I was reviewing it that I actually went out and bought one myself, which isn't something that I typically do. That's how I ended up with my current phone.

Now it's your turn to tell your story, readers. How did you end up with the phone (or phones) that you use as your daily driver? Was it the features, the hardware, the company, or completely by accident? Let us know your story in the comments below!

Image via Wired