Latest iOS 8 rumor says Apple may make tweaks to Notification Center, Messages and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 14, 2014

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Apparently when it rains iOS 8 leaks, it pours. This week we've already been treated to a couple of reports regarding the changes that may be in store for iOS 8, including improvements to the Maps app and some screenshots that showed new Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit apps. Today the leakage continues with some new information on other tweaks that Apple is considering for the next major update to its mobile operating system.

Sources speaking to 9to5Mac claim that Apple is considering making changes to several major aspects of iOS with the update to iOS 8. Those apps that may be getting tweaked include the Notification Center, Voice Memos, Messages, CarPlay and more. The full list of apps that may undergo changes with iOS 8 is as follows:

  • Notification Center: Apple is considering axing the "Missed" tab from the Notification Center in an effort to simplify the alerts panel. Doing so would leave only the "Today" and "All" tabs.
  • Inter-app communication: Apple is reportedly testing a new API that would allow apps to better communicate with one another. An example would include a photo editing app that could export an image to a different app for sharing, such as Facebook.
  • Voice Memos: Apple may move around the controls in Voice Memos to make them more easily visible.
  • Messages: Apple is considering an auto-delete option to clear out old Messages threads and free up precious storage space. The auto-delete setting would be optional.
  • Game Center: Apple may axe Game Center completely and instead rely on the functionality found inside of the apps that've integrated the service.
  • CarPlay: Apple may allow CarPlay functionality to work over WiFi in some vehicles. The feature currently only works using a Lightning connection.
  • Performance: Apple is reportedly working to improve the speed of iOS 8, making apps open and close more swiftly and making the entire OS more stable and easier to navigate.

So far it sounds like iOS 8 will be a mix of small and large changes meant to improve the performance and ease of use of iOS. The update to iOS 7 represented one of the biggest changes to iOS in its short life thanks to the refreshed user interface that Tim Cook and Co. rolled out, so it should come as no surprise to hear that Apple is now working on improving that user experience with iOS 8.

Apple hasn't made any official announcements regarding iOS 8, but it's possible that the company could introduce it at WWDC this summer and roll it out to the public in the fall like it's done with other recent major iOS updates.Which of the rumored iOS 8 tweaks that've leaked out so far are your favorite?

Via 9to5Mac