Maybe we shouldn't be arguing about shift keys

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 17, 2014

In our industry, we've all seen some interesting arguments. We've seen Android loyalists and dissenters yell about fragmentation, and how it's the worst thing ever. We've heard Windows Phone naysayers and activists go back-and-forth about slow updates. And, over the last couple of years (at least), we've seen as iOS fans and haters sort out their feelings about what it means to "copy." Everyone has their favorite, and most hated, things, and they love to defend or support them, which can often lead to some interesting conversations.

Well, "conversations."

The sad truth is, all of those items of conversation are worth talking about. That's the truth. It's worth talking about fragmentation -- or at least, it was. And it's certainly worth talking about slow innovation, and how it compares to the competition. The trouble isn't the content of the conversation, it's the fact that we've seen it devolve into an argument so often. If you haven't been a part of it directly, then I'm sure you've seen it. We've all seen it.

Ever since iOS 7.1 was released, I've seen a lot of conversations come up about the changes that Apple included in the updated software. New toggles and new changes in general. All new stuff! Except, as expected, not everyone loved everything about iOS 7.1, which is fine. But, then I started to see some crazy things.

People arguing about the Shift key on the iOS 7.1 keyboard. Yep. The Shift key. Apple did change the key's representation when it was activated, yes, and apparently that's a HUGE DEAL. I saw Twitter arguments over this new change in Apple's mobile keyboard, and I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. People saying the new Shift key is the worst Shift key in the history of digital Shift keys, and Apple must be crazy to have created and implemented such a thing!

I get not liking something, but you can still tell when the Shift key is activated. No, the keyboard still doesn't have keys that change from lower-case to upper-case, but for anyone who's using iOS it's nothing new. And for anyone who's just picking up an iOS-based device now, then they're going to see how the Shift key works immediately. It's pretty simple stuff, if you ask me.

More than that, though, it's absolutely *nothing* to get upset over.

The iOS keyboard is still just as accurate as ever, so it's not like the new Shift key ruins the experience in any way. I'd honestly like it to still be blue, but I've already gotten used to it. It's easy to get used to the things you use, right? So, tell me something you had to get used to as you used it. I'm curious to see if there was anything you hated at first, but got accustomed to in a short period of time.

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