Nokia Pocket Magnifier app launches on Windows Phone, brings existing Nokia app updates with it

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 21, 2014

Nokia Pocket Magnifier

Time to add another name to the list of Windows Phone apps created by Nokia.

Today Nokia launched a new app in the Windows Phone Store known as Pocket Magnifier. Created in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind people, the app allows users to use their device's camera as a magnifying glass. The app supports pinching to zoom in and out, tapping to focus, freezing the viewfinder for easier viewing and the ability to use either a flashlight or filters to make text more readable.

While Pocket Magnifier isn't an app that everyone will find useful, it could come in handy for those with weaker vision. After all, Nokia's Lumia devices are known for their cameras, and a good way to take advantage of those shooters — besides taking photos, of course — is to use them as magnifiers to make reading text easier for users with poor eyesight.

In addition to rolling out Pocket Magnifier, WPCentral notes that Nokia is pushing out a few updates to some of its existing apps. Both the Nokia Chat Beta and Nokia Storyteller Beta apps are receiving updates, but because there's no changelog available, it's not yet clear what tweaks are included with the new versions. Meanwhile, Nokia's Glance app is being updated to support Windows Phone 8.1. You can snag these three apps as well as Pocket Magnifier by hitting up the Windows Phone Store links below.

Via WPCentral, Windows Phone Store: Nokia Pocket Magnifier, Nokia Chat Beta, Nokia Storyteller Beta, Nokia Glance