BlackBerry 10.3 update detailed in leaked screenshots [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 24, 2014

BlackBerry screenshots

BlackBerry 10.2.1 is the newest official version of BlackBerry's mobile operating system, having been announced back in January and rolled out to consumers in the months since. BlackBerry fans that like to live life on the bleeding edge now have a new OS to tinker with, though, as BlackBerry 10.3 has leaked out.

Screenshots of the OS update for the BlackBerry Z10 have been posted to the ZonaBlackBerry forums, showing changes like a slightly flatter, more minimalist design and new black and red user interface elements that take the place of some of the blue accents found in previous versions of BB10. The (roughly translated) overview of tweaks found so far in BB is as follows:

  • Homescreen: Disappears the box was behind each of the icons, this might not be a final decision.
  • Intelligent Assistant: It seems BlackBerry is not to be left behind and an intelligent assistant is implemented in this version seems to not work properly.
  • New keyboard layout and colors: Slightly changes the design a more minimalist style and color scheme of the operating system is now, Black with Red, Black and red.
  • Advanced Interaction: Features are implemented to turn off the screen when the device is upside down or inside pocket to save battery. 
  • Camera Features: 
    • A timer for taking pictures is added.
    • Taking panoramic photos (works correctly) is implemented.
    • The option to record in 720p at 30 fps and 60 is added.
    • Pin design capture and control orientation is changed.
    • HDR takes is suggested when conditions require. 
  • Smart Search
  • Design changes in the player: Emphasize the focus button makes the player and part of them is hidden the scroll.
  • Design change in controls and buttons: The controls and buttons worked and acquire a more gentle view looking design for a minimalist style.
  • The reaction rate is significantly improved: The system minimizes and maximizes application almost instantly giving a more pleasant browsing experience.

If that all sounds like something that you'd like a piece of, well, I've got some good news if you're rocking a BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry update has been posted online and can be installed right now, provided that you've got the correct Z10 model on hand. Hit up BBEmpire for the necessary download links.

BlackBerry screenshots 2

While BlackBerry 10.3 doesn't look to be a major overhaul of the OS, BlackBerry does appear to be making a number of small tweaks that ought to make BB10 better-looking and easier to use. I'm digging the look of the home screens without any shadows surrounding the app icons. Of course, it's worth noting that because this is pre-release software, there's no guarantee that the final version of BlackBerry 10.3 will look exactly like this. The company formerly known as RIM looks to be heading in a good direction, though, and I'm excited to see what the final version of BB10.3 will bring.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10.3 so far? If you're brave enough to load the leaked OS onto your Z10, be sure to leave your thoughts on it below!

UPDATE: A video showing the leaked BlackBerry update in action has been posted by N4BB. Check it out below.

BlackBerry screenshots music

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