Twitter adds photo tagging, support for up to four photos in a Tweet

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 26, 2014

Twitter app photo tagging

There's no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a Twitter app on Android and iOS, and while many of the third-party options offer some unique features, today Twitter is giving users a reason to fire up its official app.

Twitter has announced that it's adding a couple of new photo sharing features to its Android and iOS apps. The first is the ability to tag up to 10 users in a shared photo. I know what you're thinking: "Won't that use up all of my 140 precious characters?" The answer is no, friend, because tagging other users doesn't affect your character count.

When a user is tagged in an image, he or she will receive a notification to alert them to that tag. Users can adjust who can tag them in photos in the Privacy section of their Settings menu, with options including "Anyone can tag me," "Only people I follow can tag me" or disabling tagging altogether. You can also remove yourself from a tagged photo by tapping the ellipsis on the detail of a Tweet.

Twitter app share up to four photos

The second new photo feature is the ability to add up to 4 photos in a single Tweet. This feature is rolling out today to iPhone users and will hit Android and web users "soon."

The official Twitter app doesn't appeal to everyone, but for those that do use it to get their 140-character fix on the go, these new photo features seem pretty spiffy. The ability to tag up to 10 other users without using any of your 140 characters is an especially welcome addition because, while you've long been able to @mention others in a Tweet for some time, doing so could leave you with little to no space to attach an actual image. With today's update, that's no longer an issue.

Which app do you use to access Twitter on your phone or tablet?

Via Twitter Blog