We need more cases like HTC's Dot View

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 27, 2014

Considering how brand new HTC's One M8 is, we're still waiting on a consensus on just how popular the device is, or will be over the next few months. Based on the initial buzz around the handset, though, I think it's pretty safe to say that HTC's got another hit on its hands. Anything's possible, though.

Truth be told, there's a lot to like about HTC's new One. From the new "softer" design (more metal!), to the louder front-facing speakers, and even that newfangled camera design on the back (the verdict is still out on the capabilities, but at least it's new and exciting for the mobile space). Hey, even the front-facing camera is pretty great, with a five-megapixel shooter. HTC wanted to achieve some great things with the One M8, and on paper, they've succeeded in probably all the areas they were aiming for.

Yesterday, while still riding the One M8 train (I'm not sure how to get off at this point), I wrote up a piece about why the phone itself, despite all of its great features and new stuff, may not be the most important part of HTC's launch. The fact they made the phone available the same day as the announcement is. And, this time around, I want to put the focus on something other than the phone yet again.

This is the first time that I've ever been even remotely interested in an accessory. So, thanks for that, HTC.

Interest is one thing, but the fact that I'm actually slightly excited to get my hands on HTC's Dot View case is something new to me. I'm not a huge fan of accessories in general, except maybe a great pair of headphones, and cases are pretty much resting comfortably at the bottom of the accessory list for me. I've never enjoyed putting a case on my phone. I've just never found the need for one.

You've got the cases that cover just the back and sides, and then you're expected (I guess?) to put a screen protector over your display for good measure, and that's just something I've never been in favor of. Moreover, getting a bigger case, one that has a piece that covers the display, just means more work to get to the information I need, and that has always seemed counterproductive.

And then the Dot View case came along, and now I'm questioning everything because this thing honestly looks pretty cool. It goes beyond just the case itself, though. It's the whole idea behind it, and the fact that a case can actually be helpful and look interesting, too. This isn't the first case that has offered you a way to see important information, but it is the first to do it with the case itself, and not just by offering some kind of "viewport" to your phone's actual display.

The Dot View case is an awesome idea, and based on initial impressions of it, I think this is basically where all cases should strive to be in their design and implementation. Cases should help protect our devices, yes, but they should also be helpful. The Dot View case is hopefully the first step in many more interesting cases down the line. Fingers crossed, anyway.

How do you feel about HTC's Dot View case? Do you think it's just a gimmick, and doesn't actually serve any purpose? Or is this the next case you want for your phone? Let me know!

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