Nokia's 'Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink' Windows Phone 8.1 update shown off in leaked screenshots

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 28, 2014

Nokia Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink update

After Lumia Amber and Lumia Black comes...Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink? If some newly-leaked screenshots is to be believed, we've now got a name for Nokia's version of the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

Several screenshots that purportedly come from a Windows Phone 8.1 device have been posted to a Chinese Sina blog, and included in the batch is an Extras+Info screen with a reference to "Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink." We've seen Nokia's Lumia Amber and Lumia Black updates referenced in this section in the past, and so it appears that Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink may be the codename for the next major Nokia firmware release. 

It's worth noting that while Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink may be Nokia's name for its impending update, it's likely that that name will change when the firmware is actually rolled out to users. For example, the Lumia Black update was actually known as "Lumia Bittersweet Shimmer" before its public rollout. Exactly what the new firmware's final name will be is still a mystery, but if past updates are anything to go by, the new one will start with a "C" and will be just one word rather than three.

In addition to this Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink screen, the blog post contains many other Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots, including images of the Action Center notification panel and Live Tile background images. There's not much shown in the other pics that we haven't already seen, but the images do serve to whet our appetite for Windows Phone 8.1 news ahead of the update's official unveiling next week.

Windows Phone 8.1 Live Tile background images Action Center

Via @tomwarren, Interboboy