The 5 features I wish every phone had

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| March 29, 2014


As far as smartphones have come, there’s still one kind of smartphone that hasn’t been released just yet, and that’s the ability create your own smartphone. Although we have Project Ara in the works, which will presumably be the first smartphone you can “create” yourself, the customization of Project Ara is still very limited. While we may never get the ability to completely create our own smartphones from top to bottom, we can still dream.


Just about every time I start looking around for a new phone, it almost always comes down to what features matter the most for me. However, this usually means I have to give up some features in favor of another. I have yet to find the perfect phone for me, but if I could find the perfect phone, it would definitely have these five features.


1. Waterproof


Every phone should be waterproof, at least to some reasonable extent. I know everybody has either experienced, or had a close encounter at least, mixing their phone with water. Whether it was in the bathroom, at the pool, or perhaps just trying to cross an unsuspecting puddle, we’ve all had that potential scare. Waterproofing phones can reduce the risk of liquid damage, which under normal circumstances isn’t that hard to acquire. To be clear, I would only want the feature there for insurance purposes, not so I could submerge my phone in a cup of water on purpose just to show it off. Why do people do that?


2. Physical camera button


It’s a mundane feature, but it wasn’t until I started using my Lumia 928 that I really noticed how handy the feature was. A physical camera button used to be standard for phones when cameras were the main feature, but when other features took precedence over the camera in smartphone it seemed that the physical camera key was left behind. Fortunately, Microsoft has been pretty adamant on keeping this feature around, and Samsung recently added in the camera key “sensor” on the Galaxy S5 (which is sort of the same thing). I just find that it’s easier to press down on an area around the side of the phone rather than pushing an on-screen button.


3. Stylus


Also a somewhat mundane feature, but I still feel that styli have a place in this world. I honestly think that without it, the Galaxy Note 3 wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did. There’s no reason that the Note should be one of the few smartphones that feature a stylus. PDAs used to come equipped with stylus and docks, and I think that more phones should still feature them today.


4. Notification LED


The HTC One was the first phone that I had in a while that featured a notification LED, another feature that I didn’t really appreciate until I didn’t have it anymore. It’s nice to be able to just look at a phone and know you’ve missed something.


5. Wireless charging


This is a feature that I’ve talked about more phones needing before, but it’s a feature I wish that all phones could have. I think that the option of wireless charging would be ideal for any smartphone, simply because we all know how finnicky chargers and charging ports can be. At least if we have an alternative method of charging at hand, we probably won’t be without charge for long.


These are just five things that I wish every phone had these days, but I’m sure you guys can help us think of a lot more. When it comes to the perfect phone, what are some features you wish every phone would have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!