OnePlus One's 'CyanogenMod 11S' software revealed in leaked screenshots

Alex Wagner
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| March 31, 2014

CyanogenMod 11S OnePlus One screenshots

OnePlus has spent the past several months building hype for its upcoming One smartphone by steadily trickling out its spec details. One of the very first tidbits of information that was revealed about the device was that it'd run a special version of CyanogenMod, a custom Android ROM. However, OnePlus hasn't actually shown us what this unique flavor of CyanogenMod looks like. It looks like that's one detail that we won't have to wait around to get from OnePlus itself, though, because the rumor mill today produced a couple of screenshots that show the software off.

Engadget has posted a pair of images that claim to show the lock screen of "CyanogenMod 11S," the OnePlus One's special version of CyanogenMod, as well as its about screen. The lock screen is divided into two sections, with the upper half showing a simple image and the lower half housing information like the time, date, weather, battery status and a message. Meanwhile, the About phone screen shows that the software is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and that it's running on a device with the model number "One." The image also includes on-screen navigation buttons.

OnePlus has revealed most of the One's hardware specifications, including its 5.5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 801 processor, and so the phone's special version of CyanogenMod is one of the few remaining mysteries about the device. Today's leak doesn't provide us with a ton of info about the One's software, but the lock screen does look fairly different from most other versions of Android out there. The design looks neat, and I like that it displays the time with large numbers and also includes a message, the weather and battery level in easy-to-read white text on a blue background. 

The OnePlus One will be fully revealed on April 23. There's no word yet on when the phone will be made available for purchase, but when it is, pricing is expected to be set south of $400.

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