T-Mobile employer rate plan discounts getting the axe on April 1

Published: March 31, 2014

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile has given its customers quite a few new features and other goodies over the past year or so, including its JUMP upgrade program, free global data and an offer to pay the early termination fees of any switchers that jump to the Ol' Ship Magenta. Tomorrow's going to be a bit different, though, as T-Mobile today announced that it's discontinuing one of its offers.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has confirmed that on April 1, it will stop offering employer rate plan discounts. Legere explains that the discounts were originally intended to get big corporations to sign carrier contracts by using employees as leverage, but that T-Mobile is no longer interested in playing that game. As a result, it will give its employer rate plan discounts the axe in a move that it says is about "simplifying wireless for everyone."

Effective April 1, T-Mobile will stop offering its employer rate plan discount and instead give qualified customers a $25 reward card every time that they purchase a new device. According to Engadget, government and military employees are exempt from this change. Meanwhile, any T-Mo customers that are currently receiving a monthly employer discount will see their monthly bill deduction disappear on April 25.

Employer rate plan discounts are a nice way to save a few bucks — and sometimes even more — on your monthly wireless bill thanks to an agreement made between your employer and carrier. Most operators offer these types of discounts, which is why it's a bummer to see T-Mobile axing its own deductions. Given all of T-Mo's recent Uncarrier moves that've spurred change at the other carriers, it's also kind of strange to see Big Magenta discontinuing the offer. The good news is that at least qualified customers are getting a $25 reward card with the purchase of a device. It may not be the same as a monthly bill discount, but hey, at least it's something.

Do you get an employer rate plan discount on your monthly wireless bill?

Via T-Mobile, Engadget

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