How often do you upgrade your tablet?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| April 1, 2014


Between trying to figure out which articles are legit and which articles are a hoax, I think I managed to find a legit report to form an opinion around. Although Samsung managed to throw in an April Fool’s Day joke of their own, they also unveiled their Galaxy Tab4 series of tablets today. These tablets come in 7, 8, and 10.1 inch variants. It seems like only yesterday that the Galaxy Tab 3 was announced and released, and honestly I’m caught a little off guard about this release.


Perhaps it’s because the Galaxy Tab 3 was released last July, which means this announcement comes about 2 and a half months earlier than expected; however, I really think the surprise comes in because I simply don’t see a need to update my tablets all that often. After purchasing my fair share of tablets, I can safely say that after getting my Galaxy Note 8.0 last year I just haven’t had any desire to look for anything else.


Before I owned the Note, though, I went through my fair share of tablets. I had a first generation iPad, a Kindle Fire, and a Kindle Fire HD before I realized none of them were for me because I used them even less than I do my Note. At one point in my life, I did focus a lot on finding a perfect tablet.


The Galaxy Note 8.0 gets the job done well enough, although I wouldn’t call it a perfect tablet. I find that I hardly ever use my tablet unless I get the urge to draw or sketch anyway. Web browsing, gaming, music, and even videos are something that I usually just do straight from my phone. Tablets are small and convenient to carry, but I often find that it’s a hassle to carry around with me because now I have to keep track of two expensive electronics. I’m pretty sure my toddler uses my tablet more often than I do, which essentially makes the Note 8.0 the most expensive Netflix machine I’ve ever purchased.


Before I actually had a tablet, I had pretty big plans for when I owned one. I imagined that it would replace my computer, I could get a Bluetooth keyboard case and be set for on-the-go entertainment. That’s not how things worked, though. Every year when a new refreshed tablet comes out, I never pay too much attention to it like I do phones. It’s weird that they don’t matter as much to me as smartphones do because they’re so similar, but just for casual personal use I just don’t have a real need to upgrade my tablet every year.


Maybe I feel like tablets don’t have a whole lot of innovation to them like phones do. They get upgraded specs, and I remember getting pretty excited about cameras being added to the back of tablets (because why not?) but other than that everything that tablets have are just rehashed from smartphones, and with smartphones getting as large as they are these days, sometimes it seems like a moot point to get a tablet if you already have a phablet. It seemed a lot more important to have a tablet before phones got so large.


That’s just my opinion, though. What are you like when it comes to tablets, readers? Do you upgrade your tablet often, do you tend to stick with one tablet for a long time, or do you even have a need for a tablet at all these days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Images via Nicksyam