Google Keep, Play Movies and Play Newsstand app updates rolling out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 2, 2014

Google Keep, Play Movies, Play Newsstand app updates

Today is Wednesday, and for many Android fans that means that it's time to check the Play Store for updates to their Google apps. Today we've got a few updates to tell you about, including a nice upgrade for Google's note-taking app known as Keep.

  • Google Keep: Update to version 2.2 includes a new colorized action bar that will change hues based on the note that you're on, the ability to search for text in images, a List Settings option to choose where notes are placed, a Trash section for notes, an updated slide-out menu that includes multi-account selection and support for copying notes.
  • Google Play Movies: Update to version 3.1 brings a refreshed slide-out menu with multi-account selection, new seeking action that allows users to swipe up to scrub through a video in 10-second increments, closed caption override, closed caption indicator icon and episode synopsis support.
  • Google Play Newsstand: Update to version 3.2 includes an action bar that'll change color depending on the selected news category, a Read Now bar that auto-hides and a My Library section that combines My News and My Magazines sections.

While none of these updates are earth shattering, they all bring some nice new features or updated UIs that ought to make using the apps easier. It's especially nice to see Google Keep getting a beefy update since it doesn't seem to get quite as much love as other Google apps. If you've got any of these three apps installed on your device and haven't yet updated to the latest version. you can hit up the Google Play links below to grab the latest version.

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