Google I/O 2014 registration now set to begin on April 15

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 8, 2014

Google I/O 2014 let's create

Were you ready and raring to register for the chance to get Google I/O 2014 tickets this morning? If so, you can sit back down and relax, because Google has delayed the start of registration.

Google announced today that registration for I/O 2014 will now run from April 15 through April 18, not April 8 through April 10 like it originally announced. El Goog explained the delay by saying that it’s “still working to make the registration process even easier for you.”

Once registration opens, anyone interested in attending I/O 2014 will have 4 days to sign up for the chance to purchase a ticket to the event. Google will randomly select applicants and offer tickets to them “shortly” after registration closes.

While it’s kind of a bummer that we’ve now got to wait a few more days to apply for an I/O 2014 ticket, at least the delay won’t affect our chances at registering. In fact, this delay could be good news, because the new registration window is open for 1 day longer than the old one was.

How many of you are planning on applying for the chance to buy a ticket to I/O?

Via +Google Developers