Firefox OS 2.0 screenshots leak, give preview of upcoming design changes

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 9, 2014

Firefox OS 2.0 screenshots leak

Interested in getting a peek at a design makeover that’s coming soon to a mobile operating system? Of course you are!

Several screenshots that purportedly show Firefox OS 2.0 have made their way online, giving us a preview of some of the changes that Mozilla will be bringing to its mobile platform. While the home screen itself may not look terribly different, it does appear that the Firefox OS 2.0 status bar and dock are more transparent that the current version.

One area of Firefox OS that is getting a nice facelift in version 2.0 is the lock screen. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the lock screen found on iOS and also includes a slider on the bottom that allows the user to unlock the device or jump directly into the camera app. We can also see that the music player app also has Back, Forward and Play controls that are accessible on the lock screen.

Overall this new version of Firefox OS looks much improved over the software that’s out in the wild right now. Mozilla appears to have made the OS more visually appealing in several areas while also making it easier to use. There’s no word yet on exactly when we might see Firefox OS 2.0 begin to roll out, but we’ve previously heard that Firefox OS phones may finally hit U.S. shelves in 2014, so hopefully this version is the one that’ll be used to introduce Firefox OS to the States.

Firefox OS 2.0 lock screen screenshots

Via Engadget, Soren Hentzschel