Will you care if Apple makes a bigger iPhone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| April 15, 2014

Another year, another iPhone. 

Several months from now, Apple is going to have some executives take the stage and show off their newest smartphone. Right now, the unicorn device is being called the iPhone 6, but there are some folks out there that think it could be called the iPhone Air. It'd be pretty entertaining if they just went back to the start, and called it "the iPhone." Thankfully, though, the name doesn't really matter (not including marketing, where it should *really* matter), and instead we're all just waiting to see what the thing looks like.

That's the draw this year. Don't get me wrong, every year when Apple unveils a new phone, all eyes are on the company and what they've been cooking up. Whether that's to praise it or bash it later, at least for a little while during the announcement, (most) everyone's watching. And this year won't be any different. In fact, there might even be more people watching this time around.

Why's that? Well, there's a lot more steam on the whole "bigger iPhone" rumor that's been going around for ages. We saw an uptick in display size from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, but many people made it clear that it wasn't big enough. And compared to the standard Android-based devices out there (and now even the Windows Phone handsets, too, it seems), I'm sure it isn't big enough for many people. At four-inches, the iPhone 5, 5c and iPhone 5s are tiny compared to much of the competition.

Whatever happens, we do know that Apple is going to change some big things about the next iPhone. Whether that's just a bigger display or more changes to the overall physical design aesthetic still remains to be seen, but all bets seem to be on the bigger display. For now.

We've been hearing the rumors about a 4.7-inch iPhone for quite some time now. Along with that, an iOS-based smartphone with a display that measures over 5-inches, too, but new rumors suggest that that device might be "delayed." So, as you might expect, the focus is back on that 4.7-inch device. And the attention is certainly increasing, as leaks hinting that we're looking at the next iPhone keep popping up all over the Internet.

By now, you're all experts at the handling of leaked or rumored information, though. You've got your salt shakers ready, I'm sure, and you know that while the images may look authentic, there's always a chance they aren't. Nothing's official until a company makes it official. With that being said, though, there does seem to be something in the air. Maybe Apple really is planning on releasing an iPhone with a "big" display.

But, does it matter? Serious question, here, folks. Does it matter at all, to you, if Apple releases a bigger iPhone? If iOS doesn't make any major alterations, both in the feature set and aesthetics department, are you even going to remotely consider picking up an Apple smartphone, just because the size of the display increases?

There's no denying that our consumer market wants phones with big displays, because we keep buying them. Manufacturers make them bigger, and we buy them again. But, will that get you to ignore the other details about a company? I imagine that Apple's going to create the larger iPhone --if it exists-- in the same high-end way they've done with their smaller phones, so the design language should still be worthwhile. But, iCloud is still going to be there, and the missing features that just aren't available on Google's Android. I don't see Apple changing your customization options, either.

(But anything's possible, I guess.)

I'm still on the fence about a bigger iPhone. I articulated my thoughts on maybe keeping the iPhone small(er) not too long ago, and I'm still not really sure where I stand on it. I know that my favorite screen size has usually been 4.7-inches, but I haven't really been upset about the smaller iPhone display when I use it. I'll just have to wait and see how the new, bigger iPhone feels if it launches.

So, tell me: Does a bigger iPhone make any kind of difference to you? Does it matter at all? Or are you going to continue to use anything else other than an iPhone and iOS? Let me know!

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