Deadly Robots app review (Sponsored)

| April 21, 2014

There are few qualities that are more important to a mobile game than its ability to grab the attention of the player right away. When it comes to the Android and iOS game Deadly Robots, developer Vilaris doesn't hesitate to immerse the player in the game's beautiful content. Let's face it, though: If I were to tell you about this awesome new game for my smartphone or tablet that involved defending floating space stations from evil robots that have turned on their makers, you would probably recall at least a dozen other games that have a similar premise. But hang in there, because Deadly Robots doesn't wait for you to decide if you like its premise or not. Instead, it gets the player involved right away, which is what grabbed my attention. 

First let's talk about what makes this game worth investing time into. Deadly Robots takes elements of search and destroy games and mixes them with puzzle and strategy influences. It’s a combination that, when pulled off correctly, can lead to some very fun experiences. 

Players will find themselves floating around various space stations in each level. They can manipulate the camera to seek and destroy the rogue robots on each one of the floating space stations. The game starts off fairly simply and teaches you tricks along the way. You might begin by picking off a handful of robots with your blaster, but the levels eventually encourage you to have more creativity not only in finding robots in every nook and cranny, but also figuring out how to defeat them with the limited amount of resources that are supplied.

The gradual learning curve found in Deadly Robots teaches players as they progress and offers an exhilarating experience that might be lost if players were to jump into the toughest puzzles right away. The robots become harder to kill and the space stations become more intricate as players make their way through 100 levels. 

The presentation quality of Deadly Robots deserves to be noted as well. With beautiful space scenery and creative level and character design, Vilaris has shown that it has the talent to create a great setting for their games. Could the game have used some explanation as to why players are destroying the robots? Probably, but like I said before, Deadly Robots inserts players into the action right away. Besides, the robots are just so fun to destroy that I'm not sure anyone would even care why they're being destroyed.

The Wrap-up

The Good: Deadly Robots has great visual presentation and an effective learning curve that offers a satisfying experience.

The Bad: Some explanation of the plot would have been nice. I would recommend reading the game description before diving in.

The Verdict: I'm going to recommend Deadly Robots to anyone looking for something new to scratch a strategy or puzzle itch they might have. The game offers a ton of levels to progress through, and conquering each one provides a very satisfying experience. For those interested, be sure to download Deadly Robots from Google Play or the App Store for $0.99 and let us know what you think!