LG G3 screenshot leak teases flattened user interface

Alex Wagner
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| Published: April 22, 2014

LG G3 flat user interface screenshots leak

Flat seems to be the new cool in the mobile industry, with multiple OSes and apps adopting a more flat look in recent months. Now a new leak has shown that LG may be the next major company to hop aboard the flat bandwagon.

Digital Trends has shared what it says are screenshots of a new LG user interface from the unannounced G3. The images show a UI that’s flatter than what’s present on current LG hardware like the G2 and G Flex. That includes a refreshed notification panel with simplified buttons and app icons. Below you’ll find a comparison of the notification panel found on the LG G Pro 2 with the one that purportedly comes with the LG G3.

Today’s report also makes mention of a new “concierge” service that may be included with LG’s updated UI. This feature will allegedly gather information about you and how you use your phone and then make recommendations based on that data. For example, an Accuweather widget may suggest that you take an umbrella with you if the weather forecast calls for rain.

Finally, it’s said that the original resolution of these screenshots is 2560x1440. That seems to back up the rumors that the LG G3 will come to market with a super high-res display in tow.

As I mentioned before, mobile software has been getting flatter and flatter as of late, with companies like Apple and Samsung adopting more simplified user interfaces. As such, it’s not entirely surprising to see that LG may follow that flat trend. The launch of a new flagship smartphone like the G3 would be a perfect time for LG to also retool its UI, so don’t be surprised if the G3 is sporting some new-look software when the Life’s Good crew introduces it later this year.

What do you think of this new LG UI?

LG G Pro 2, LG G3 screenshot comparison

Via Android Central, Digital Trends

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