Are you ready for curved displays?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| April 24, 2014

The trouble with advancing technology is the tricky slope it can sometimes be. Everyone's excited to see the next big thing, especially when it comes to technology, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're ready to adopt it into they regular lives. Bringing a new device, which can sometimes change the way we work or play with our handsets in big ways, can take time for some consumers out there. Not everyone wants to be an early adopter.

This is one reason why when touchscreen phones really started to take over the market, we've got the majority of devices looking exactly the same. Back in 2007, we had to get people used to using those types of handsets, and eventually it became using what we were comfortable with. People are comfortable using a device that's a big touchscreen, even if the last device they used was just another big touchscreen.

Everything's eventual, though. As long as manufacturers keep pushing a certain topic or design aesthetic, it'll eventually catch on. If it's worth catching on, mind you. And the question of 2014, which was started in some capacity back in 2011, is whether or not it's time for curved displays to catch on. We've seen two major companies release devices with curved displays last year, with Samsung's Galaxy Round and LG's G Flex, but neither of them caught on right out of the gate. So, what do companies do? Just drop the idea entirely and stick with what they know, or take the criticisms provided them and improve the idea?

I want them to improve. I believe curved displays are going to be the future in a lot of ways, so I hope the companies buckle down and improve where they can, to make the devices not only worth owning, but worth using on a daily basis, too. For both Samsung and LG, that could actually mean a decrease in screen size for the Round and G Flex, something that's practically unheard of these days for device sequels.

Recently, a Samsung executive teased that the next Galaxy Note phablet would boast a "new form factor," and as you can imagine I got kind of excited at the possibility. And now, a few days later, I'm wondering if we're just going to see a device with a curved display. A curved display unlike what we saw on the Galaxy Round, mind you, but curved nonetheless. And I guess in this day-and-age, that's probably all we should expect.

There are also rumors out there that suggest Apple could be considering the same ideas for the iPhone 6. While I think that's a bit outlandish, I'm not going to say it's impossible, either. Apple could be going for something crazy, I guess. I doubt it, but who knows. It would indeed be intriguing! But, I can't help but wonder if Apple has asked the same question internally as I am here, to you now.

Are general consumers ready for curved displays?

The G Flex and Galaxy Round didn't garner a lot of attention on their release, especially not here in the U.S., but that doesn't mean the companies can't push a little harder the next time around, with the improved devices. And, let's face it, if Apple did release a smartphone with a curved display, we'd see a lot of other manufacturers following suit almost immediately.

But, what about you? Are you ready, do you actually want a device with a curved display? Let me know!

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