Oppo 'Smart Lens' attachment leaks out in photos with 10x optical zoom

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 25, 2014

Oppo Smart Lens camera attachment

When Oppo took the wraps off of its new Find 7 flagship earlier this year, one of the features that it highlighted was the device’s ability to burst capture 10 photos and combine the best 4 shots into a 50-megapixel “Super Zoom” image. Apparently the Find 7 isn’t the only photography-focused product that Oppo’s got, though, as a new leak has shown that the company may be prepping a lens attachment accessory.

Images have been posted to Chinese social network Weibo that claim to show an Oppo-branded “Smart Lens” accessory that attaches to the backside of a smartphone. The device is branded with a “10x,” suggesting that its got a 10x optical zoom lens, and it’s also got Wi-Fi and NFC logos tattooed onto its body. It’s not yet clear exactly what the Smart Lens uses those features for, but it’s likely that one function is to beam photos that it captures to the smartphone that it’s attached to.

This Oppo Smart Lens is reminiscent of the Sony QX10 and QX100 lens attachments that were announced last year. Those devices attach to the backside of an Android or iOS smartphone and pair with it over NFC or Wi-Fi to share images. The Sony lenses also include memory card slots for storing photos. It’s not clear how many of these features the Oppo Smart Lens will include, these images seem to suggest that the unit will be compatible with many different smartphones and may also be able to be used while not attached to a handset.

Do these lens attachments appeal to you at all? Or are you content with the camera that’s built into your phone?

Via PhoneArena, GizChina, Weibo