What's the next thing Motorola should offer for customization?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 2, 2014

This year, Motorola's set to blow the doors off everyone's homes and offices with the successor to their popular Moto X. But, here's the deal: That's not until later this year. "Late summer," which means we'll probably see it right around the time Motorola introduced the original Moto X -- and not in May. That's not stopping the company from showcasing a new device on May 13, though. In just over a week we'll get to feast our eyes on a device that Motorola's obviously already intending to market to a select niche market, based entirely on the language they use on their invitation.

"Made to last. Priced for all."

Right there, that told me in plain terms that we weren't getting the Moto X's successor, but something else entirely. It wasn't the "priced for all" part, at least not by itself. When you look at it together, though, it just doesn't ring true as a Moto X follow-up. It sounds more like a "cheap," rugged device. Like I said, a specific market here.

But, while their new device may not be intended for the widest audience possible, I'm sure it's still going to look plenty appealing to more than a few people out there. Motorola's on a bit of a hot streak lately -- the Moto G's worth its weight in contract-free agreements -- and I'm sure they're looking to keep that going with whatever new device they've got coming down the pipe.

Honestly, I just don't want to see them lose one of their strengths, no matter which phone they're launching in May. That strength is Motorola's focus on customization, and letting the consumer pick out the specific phone they want, and customize it as they see fit. The Moto G doesn't have as much customization options as the Moto X, but that's honestly the way it should be. There are plenty of colorful shells to choose from, though, which still gives the buyer more options than . . . Well, any other manufacturer out there.

Whatever Motorola has planned for this month, for the phone that's built to last and priced for everyone, I hope they don't forget the customization feature. It's really one of the things that's letting Motorola stand out, because their phones aren't meant to go head-to-head with the flagships of other companies.

But, how far can they go? Moreover, how far do you want them to go? If you had a vote (and hey, maybe you do/will), what's the next thing you'd like to see Motorola add to their list of customization options for the Moto X+1 (which could very well be the name of their next phone)? More colors, even for the front of the phone? How about more memory options, or ways to select the amount of RAM you get? Or would you be happy with just leather back covers? Let me know!

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