BlackBerry Magnum shows off its touchscreen and QWERTY combo in leaked images

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 6, 2014

BlackBerry Magnum images leak

“BlackBerry Magnum” was a codename that made its way around the rumor mill quite a bit a few years ago. The device was described as being a combination of a Bold 9000 and Storm, sporting a Bold-like form factor but with a clicky SurePress touchscreen instead of a trackpad. We haven’t heard much about the Magnum for a while, but I hope that you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, because the device is back in the news today.

Several images of the BlackBerry Magnum have been posted to Chinese social networking service Weibo that give us a tour of the device’s hardware. Just as it was described, the device has a Bold-like form factor, complete with curved keyboard frets, as well as a large touchscreen. The phone in the photos is running a version of BlackBerry OS, the company’s pre-BlackBerry 10 software.

There aren’t many spec details available for this BlackBerry Magnum, but since the device isn’t likely to ever see the fluorescent light of a retail store, that probably doesn’t really matter. Still, it’s nice to get a peek at an unannounced BlackBerry smartphone from the company’s heyday. 

What do you think of this BlackBerry Magnum? Did any of you lust after this device back in the day?

Via CrackBerry, Weibo