Apps Unleashed: Top 5 new and updated apps this week

| May 9, 2014

1. Google Camera Update - Android  For the past month or so Google has been introducing new and updated versions of their very own apps to the Play Store. Among the handful of new apps, Google introduced their standalone Camera app last month. I'm glad to say that Google is apparently dedicating some time to their new camera app, with the app receiving its first small but imperative update at the beginning of this month. Google will be pushing updates to Android devices that allows users to take still shots while recording video. It’s a small update, but one that's definitely needed to keep up with the growing camera application market.

2. Google Wallet Update -Android   Along with the Camera update, Google has been busy tweaking Google Wallet. The new update which rolled out this week offers another redesign to the app in an attempt to clean up the app a bit. But the big update comes with the new ability to easily switch between different accounts within the app by entering each account's PIN on the fly. Really cool update for big time Wallet users!

3. Google Maps Update -Android and iOS  The third app to download this week is another great update from our friends at Google. This time the update concerns users on both Android and iOS devices and focuses on their ever-popular Google Maps application. The new update that rolled out this week now offers a few features we've been waiting for.  The first, is a new lane guidance system implemented to make switching lanes easier. 

The app has also been tweaked in many other ways.  These updates include viewing alternate routes during navigation being made easer, saving maps for offline use has been added, and more points of interest filters have been added.  You can also now find a comparison to Uber ride directions, and you can even save places that you wish to visit later, right in the app. This is by far the largest update from Google this past month, so Google Maps users should be very content with their navigation system, now ready for summer travel.

4. Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace - iOS   With Star Wars day coming and passing this past week, it should be no surprise that at least one new cool app has surfaced for the franchise.  Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace made its debut in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The app allows the user to enjoy the Star Wars experience in each interactive scene. The user will unlock cool facts and secrets about the story, and even get to race a podracer! 

5. Amazon Update -Android  This week we also saw a cool new update to the Amazon app for Android devices. Once signed into the main Amazon app, users will no longer have to sign into any of the other available apps from Amazon including Amazon MP3 and Kindle. The update has been pushed in an effort to entice Amazon users to utilizing all of the different Amazon services. The less time it takes to sign into each individual app, the easier it becomes to use all that Amazon has to offer. The new update is definitely a cool idea, and should as Amazon suspects, increase traffic across all their apps in the very near future.