What's in your pocket, Jake Christiansen?

| May 10, 2014

Well PhoneDog fans, I'm really stoked to share with you, "what's in my pocket"! It's been a long time since I've fallen in love with a device as much as I have with my current daily driver.  To be honest, I was a little surprised with myself when I came to the conclusion that my current device, the Nexus 5 from Google and LG, was not only the perfect current device for me to be using, but one of the best devices I've ever used. So sit back, and let me explain, why the Nexus 5 is in my pocket.

I think the first thing that attracts people to the Nexus 5 is the price, heck I know that certainly helped in my case. But of course price can only go so far and the Nexus still needed to have halfway decent specs and features to even make it into the conversation. Luckily it does. The Nexus 5 carries all of the processing power I need and more importantly a skinless and clean version of Android 4.4, KitKat. I also utilize an AT&T sim card to take advantage of the great LTE download speeds in my area.

How a phone feels is always important to me as well, and I couldn't ask for a more perfect size and material for my daily driver. The Nexus 5 is easier to hold onto than most Galaxy series devices, and even other LG devices due to the great mat finish used. As for the display size, the 5" 1080p screen fits the device perfectly and looks great. I don't need anything larger and I don't want anything smaller.

So in conclusion, the Nexus 5 has won me over due to its perfect size and display, its power and usability, and finally because it utilizes a clean version of Android 4.4, KitKat. As someone who has bounced around and used all different kinds of makes and models of smartphones in the past, I am happy to say that the Nexus 5 is what's in my pocket today.

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