What's in your pocket, Cam Bunton?

Cam Bunton
Senior Managing Editor from Cumbria, UK
Published: May 11, 2014

What's in my pocket has historically changed frequently. Even during my past four years running an iOS-only blog, I'd often have a secondary device to keep me interested and up to date with what else was going on. In that time I used the T-Mobile G2, BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Nexus One, HTC One, HTC One X, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 as well as which ever iPhone was newest at the time. But oddly, for the past two consecutive years, one manufacturer has managed to demote my iPhone to being the secondary phone: HTC. 

Right now, my main device is the HTC One M8 in gunmetal gray. And for good reason: It's one of the most incredible devices ever released. I know I might get flamed for this, but, until the HTC One X and HTC One, I don't think the Android market had really seen anything as well made, unless you go back to the original Nexus device, or the HTC Desire. But HTC's really kicked it up a gear with the One M8. For me, a device as personal as a phone has to look good and feel great in hand. If it doesn't, I'm normally turned off, and no feature or trait can redeem it enough to make me use it day-in and day-out. That might make me a bit snobbish, or fussy, but in today's market of endless choices, I can afford to be. 

I love its large, crisp display and BoomSound speakers. I love the curved back, and the way it sits in my palm. I love the shiny, chamfered edges, and that the company managed to include a MicroSD slot without a ridiculous and cheap flap, instead using a machined metal tray. Sure, it's not perfect. The camera(s) system is pretty poor compared to the iPhone 5s, and some competitors' high-end Android phones. But, I love the phone nonetheless. It's fast, and reliable, and continues to impress me every day I use it. 

My secondary device is the iPhone 5s, which rarely gets used nowadays. To give you an indication as to how little, it's on 39% battery and just warned me that Touch ID requires my passcode after 48 hours of non-use. I have it set up with a few personal accounts and apps that I can't live without. Also, if I'm going out and I know I'm going to want pictures, I'll take it with me for grabbing photos. I also have the Twelve South SurfacePad case installed, which - after years of testing and reviewing countless cases - turns out to be the one I love using most. It's light, elegant, slim and feels awesome in hand. 

Another device - which won't quite fit in to my pocket - that I use every single day is the iPad Air. Until last year, I'm not sure Apple quite got the tablet perfectly the way I like it. Previous generations were too heavy, and sharp-edged to hold comfortably for extended periods. iPad Air - on the other hand - is comfortable, much smaller and lighter. I use it for gaming, web-browsing, catching up on TV shows and typing up the odd article using a Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover. It's definitely my most used portable device. 

So those are my choices. Two devices I couldn't live without and one as a standby to fill in where the HTC One doesn't quite meet my requirements.