Nokia announces Treasure Tag availability, also debuts Treasure Tag Mini

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 12, 2014

Nokia Treasure Tag, Treasure Tag Mini

Following its official announcement back in February, Nokia’s Treasure Tag accessory is now available for purchase, and its even brought a little friend with it.

Nokia announced today that its Treasure Tag is now available globally except for China, where it’ll arrive later this month. Pricing for the lost belonging finder is set at €24,90/$29.90, and buyers will be able to snag one in either cyan, yellow, white or black.

In addition to announcing the availability of the Treasure Tag, Nokia also took the wraps off of its Treasure Tag Mini. As its name suggests, the Treasure Tag Mini is a smaller version of the Treasure Tag, measuring 5.85mm thick and weighing 6.2 grams. To compare, the Treasure Tag is 10mm thick and weigh 13 grams.

Nokia Treasure Tag Mini

In order to get the Treasure Tag Mini as small as it is, Nokia had to omit a couple of features that are found the OG Treasure Tag. For example, the Mini doesn’t include NFC support, meaning that it can only be paired over Bluetooth 4.0. The Treasure Tag Mini also has a smaller battery than the Treasure Tag, coming it at 70mAh compared to 220mAh. Finally, the Treasure Tag Mini lacks the plastic loop that’s attached to the Treasure Tag’s body, instead packing an orange strap that users slip through a small hole in the Treasure Tag Mini’s body.

Nokia says that the Treasure Tag Mini will launch in the coming months at a price of €14,90/$16.90. The only color option will be white with an orange loop. 

Nokia’s Treasure Tags look like nice little accessories for anyone that frequently finds themselves losing important belongings like their keys or bag. Nokia also offers a Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone that’ll alert you when you leaving your Tag behind, use Maps to show you where your belongings are and also allow you to pin Tags to your Start screen as a live tile.

Via Nokia Conversations