Notifications on the Gear Fit are almost great

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 13, 2014

My day-to-day routine is so rigid in so many aspects, that including a different device into the mix can sometimes be polarizing. One day it can be going great, and then the next it's just more frustration atop more frustration. That's probably one reason why it's so easy for me to switch between devices -- especially when it's not my main handset. If it doesn't work, ditch it. I've got the daily driver just waiting to get put back into rotation.

It's a different story with accessories. I've got a watch, sure, but I don't necessarily consider that my "daily driver." As I said yesterday, I've tried plenty of wearables over the last year and a half or so, but none of them have really stuck with me. Ever since I've started using the Gear Fit, though, I can't help but wonder if maybe I've found the accessory that'll finally replace that daily driver watch of mine.

And then, I have one of those off days.

It was bound to happen eventually, I guess. In truth, this has sort of been building up right from the get-go. If you get a lot of incoming messages/notifications on your device, the only real issue with Samsung's curved wearable will get presented front-and-center. The only real issues for me, anyway.

I like the display. I like the way that the clock is displayed. The device isn't spectacularly responsive, but it gets the job done without much of a fuss. I like most everything about the Gear Fit -- even the heart sensor, which I've found myself using more than I ever thought I would. (For what it's worth, I haven't used it once on the Galaxy S5.)

I absolutely hate notifications on the Gear Fit.

And, read that exactly the way it's intended. On the Gear Fit. The way that Samsung has linked notifications from their wearables to their Galaxy-branded devices, so that you can get a notification on your wearable, and "send" it to your device to interact with it is great. (It's not exclusive to the Gear Fit.) What's better, is that if you get a notification for the app you're currently using, like a new message in a conversation, the wearable won't notify you. It's handled incredibly well.

Except for notifications on the Gear Fit are small, endless lists that look more jumbled than legible more often than not. Getting an email or a text message that has more than just a few words is tiresome on the Gear Fit, and it just doesn't seem to serve a purpose at all. On other wearables, like Samsung's smartwatches or even other devices from other companies, you've got a generally bigger display to work with, with a design that makes reading text a bit better. On the Gear Fit it's just a hassle, and it's easily the biggest issue I have with the device.

I'm still getting to know the Gear Fit, I think, but I can say that this has  turned out to be a much better relationship than I ever thought possible. But, every day's a new day and anything's possible, so we'll have to see how it goes.

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