Crystalux app review (Sponsored)

| May 14, 2014

There are three ways to describe Crystalux: immensely fun, addicting and polished. From the creative minds at IceCat Studio, Crystalux is a simple and incredibly fun game that offers a generous amount of satisfying puzzles to solve. It's free and available for Android devices on the Play Store.

Crystalux includes of 90 puzzles that task the player with moving crystal blocks so that they connect with one another. Once the player has found the correct combination and solved the puzzle, each crystal will connect and light up to display an image. Do this 90 times and you'll have conquered Crystalux. There are no experience levels and nothing for players to purchase; this is just a puzzle game made for people who enjoy solving puzzles.

From level 1 to 90, players will encounter puzzles that will not only challenge them, but also soothe and relax them. I never racked my head to figure out each puzzle. Instead, I enjoyed moving the crystals around until I could make sense of the image as a whole. This is a fairly rare trait in puzzle games. They often offer immediate satisfaction to players, like showing aggressive birds flinging themselves into fortresses, but rarely do you find a game that eases the player into challenges in the delicate manner that Crystalux does.

The presentation value of Crystalux is unique but also fairly high. I enjoyed the thrill I got when I would connect the correct combination of crystals and they would light up. That said, each level looks pretty much the same. Players will encounter the same static background, and after a while the game just looks like the same puzzle over and over again. I think that, while IceCat Studio has a very solid game overall, it could add so much more by including different colors and atmospheres in its puzzles. 

The Wrap-up

The Good: Crystalux eases the player into challenges little by little, which makes for a relaxing, addicting and fun puzzle-solving experience. The generous amount of puzzles make this free game worth downloading.

The Bad: After completing a handful of puzzles, they all start to look alike. This could be remedied by introducing different colors and atmospheres later in the game.

The Verdict: For those that need a game to help pass the time, or anyone that's just looking for another puzzle game to add to their collection, Crystalux needs to be your next download. The game is a solid choice for anyone on the Android platform, and the fact that its free definitely helps its cause. Players will enjoy the relaxing time that Crystalux has to offer, and I cannot wait to see what IceCat Studio has in mind for its next puzzler.

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