Centrallo app review (Sponsored)

| May 21, 2014

Centrallo: Your life, centralized. That sounds pretty catchy and attractive, especially when you consider the busy world that we live in today. This new organization tool, currently available for free on iOS devices and arriving soon on Android, has great ideas about how to organize your life and share important information with your loved ones. But does Centrallo actually follow through on their promise to help organize and prioritize your life? Let's take a look.

With my work here at PhoneDog I'm often asked to keep track of multiple tasks and responsibilities, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to utilize Centrallo in an attempt to help organize a typical work week for myself.   I must say, the result I found were fairly pleasant and kind of surprising based on my past history with daily planners and workbooks. 

For me, most planners tend to become ignored after the first few uses, but there are a few features that keep me coming back to Centrallo. The first feature that I enjoy is the voice note recording. I really like the idea of having a quick record button in my notes application. This allows me to save information quickly without struggling to type it all out when I don't have the time to do so.

I also really enjoy Centrallo's priorities feature. I have an endless amount of notes that I take on my computer, phone and tablet. Sometimes these notes contain important information that I need to recall later for an article or review, and sometimes they're just meaningless phrases that I jot down. Centrallo gives me the ability to prioritize the important notes with the push of a button. These notes are then bumped to the top of my list so that I never forget them. I imagine that a busy parent or student could really love this feature.

I found the sharing capabilities of Centrallo useful in certain situations. While I see most people using the app for writing notes and lists, the ability to share information with friends, family and co-workers is a great feature to have. I also enjoy being able to access my synced notes on my mobile devices and my computer. However, I would like to see a standalone desktop version of Centrallo in the future so that I wouldn't have to fire up a browser to access my lists. That said, that's a pretty small complaint to have.

In terms of presentation, I really enjoyed Centrallo's smart and dark look. The app has a very professional and contemporary feel. I'm not really a fan of organization apps that have a ton of color and distraction, so Centrallo's straightforward and visually-pleasing interface is wonderful.

The Wrap-up

The Good: Centrallo features a great priority list system and cool on-the-spot voice recording that make it easy to save your information. Its presentation is clean and doesn't distract from its purpose, which is to help organize your life.

The Bad:  I would like to see a standalone desktop application rather than having to use the browser-based solution that Centrallo currently offers.

The Verdict:  Centrallo is great for anyone looking for the next best note-taking application. It's a great organization tool that looks this nice and utilizes cool priority list features. Plus, it's totally free. For those interested in a newer way to organize your life, check out Centrallo which is currently available for download for iOS and coming to Android devices Sunday June 15, 2014.

Do you use any note-taking or organization apps? We would love to know what you think in the comments down below!