Why did you leave Android?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 22, 2014

I still get pretty excited the closer we get to a device's launch. Despite all the rumors and leaks that we see in typical fashion long before a device's inexorable official unveiling, as soon as there's an invite out there and a date we can circle on a calendar, my excitement increases a few levels. I can't help it. Even if a device only gets revamped once a year, or maybe because we're starting to see so many yearly refreshes, I find it hard to believe people wouldn't get excited about the next device to land on the market.

Especially if it's a flagship handset, from companies like Apple or HTC or Samsung. Motorola and LG are starting to make a brand new name for themselves, starting from impressive launches in 2013, and stand-alone companies like Oppo and BLU are trying their very best to get their fair share of the limelight amidst so much competition. Can't forget about Sony, now can we? No, I think not.

The devices are only part of the excitement puzzle for me, though. In truth, while I do love the hardware and I like to see what these companies that I've followed for so long create next, it's mostly about the software and the features therein. To that extent, it's Apple, Microsoft and Google that manage to acquire most of my excitement each and every year.

And let me be perfectly clear here: Android always wins out here.

I switch between Android devices a lot, of that there's no question. From HTC to Samsung, to Motorola to LG, I've found plenty of reasons to like these devices, and plenty of reasons not to. The same can be said for a lot of handsets out there, I'm sure, but when it comes to Android my time with gadgets is fleeting at most.

But, while sometimes it's the software that does lead me to another device, it's the Android software as a whole, and the changes that Google continuously brings to the platform, that I just love. Features like Google Now, and adding the ability to get bill reminders. A little addition to the feature in the broad scheme of things, sure, but it just adds to the whole experience to make it that much better.

As an idea, and the features that Google adds to Android, I love the mobile operating system. I have, in some way or another, from the first time I got my hands on HTC's G1 all those years ago. And while many devices have led me back to the Android fold in the past, none of them have made me stay all that long. I'm still waiting for that "one" device. (You'd think by now, with so many Android-based handsets out there that are actually called "One," I'd have succeeded.)

So, I'm curious: Why did you leave Android? Have you tried to use the platform multiple times, usually on the excitement of a new device's launch and features list? What's kept you from sticking around? On the flip-side, have you stuck with Android from the get-go, and never looked back? Let me know!