Apps Unleashed: Top 5 new and updated apps this week

| May 23, 2014

1. TuneIn Radio -Android and iOS

This week one of the most popular radio and music streaming apps available to date, received an update for both Android and iOS platform devices.  It's worth mentioning that Android devices will see more changes including:  The implementation of the "Exit" button once again, a newly added one-click play for stations that you follow, a new back button introduced, and attention given to several performance issues and bugs.  But iOS users will also benefit from fixes to the latest bugs and stability issues.  Overall, great news for TuneIn fans.

2. Titanfall Companion App - Android, iOS, and Windows 

The Titanfall Companion app is the perfect way to supplement the player's experience with the now popular Xbox One title Titanfall.  The next generation consoles promise to take the gaming experience to never seen before levels and utilizing the smartphone as a way to do that is the first step.  But let's just get to the good stuff.   The Titanfall Companion App lets players learn and checkout everything there is to know about the Titanfall universe.  In addition, players can use the app and their smartphone as a live real-time map or scoreboard during game play.  Any Titanfall fan carrying a smartphone needs to check this app out today and get the upper hand over their opponent.  

3.Google+ - Android

Google can't do enough updating lately as the Google+ app for Android receives a new update this week.  Users will find a handful of new features including:  an updated photo and video gallery called Auto Awesome Stories, the implementation of Auto Awesome Movies, the ability to create animated GIFs and photo booth-style images on the fly, support for larger photo libraries, a new navigation menu, and updated content share options.  Long story short, Google will be pushing this update to your device within the next couple days, so if you're a Google+ user be sure to be on the look out!

4. Klout - Android

Klout, a content creation tool that helps users analyze and distribute content, has finally come to Android and the Play Store.  Since its inception, Klout has been completely rebuilt.  The app Started out as a small tool that helped users analyze their total impact and reach in social media, and is now more widely used as a means to help users create and share better content with their audience.  The app has been available for iOS devices since 2012, but has just been added to the Play Store family this week for the enjoyment of Android users everywhere.

5. Trials Frontier - Android and iOS

Trials Frontier is the latest sequel to the ever popular Extreme Trials series.  As the latest edition to the series, Trials Frontier offers an even more complete gaming experience by introducing a story and characters alongside the great game play.  Don't worry though, it's still the great Trials game that you know.  Download this app today and you'll be loopty-loopin' and backflipping in no time!