My favorite places to purchase cases

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| May 25, 2014


If you’ve been reading some of my articles over the past couple of years, you probably know that I’m a pretty big fan of cases when it comes to protecting my smartphones. Although I like to think that I can appreciate the natural beauty of a good-looking smartphone when I see it, I still don’t trust my clumsy nature to keep it pristine. Instead, I opt to put cases on just about all of my smartphones in order to avoid utter destruction to such precious (and expensive) technology.


Naturally, over the years I’ve found which cases work best and which ones don’t (at least when it comes to my taste). Still, I figured it might be of use to some of your readers out there to know which case makers I consider to be some of the best out there, and maybe you can check them out for yourself the next time you’re in the market for a new smartphone case. So without wasting too much more time, let’s get started!



Bear Motion


Bear Motion cases aren’t the most protective, that’s for sure. I purchased one of these cases on a whim last year when trying to find a case with a good grip but wouldn’t add too much bulk to my already large HTC One (M7). Although a little wary of the amount of coverage (or lack thereof) that the case provided for my One (there was not much of a lip above the screen) I was actually very pleased with the case. The color was nice and blended well with the black version of the One, and most importantly it gave the phone an actual grip. This meant that I could still enjoy the way the phone looked without the risk of it slipping so easily through my fingers. In fact, I liked the case so much that I purchased another one for my Moto X, which I currently have on it now.





Speck has a few different varieties of cases to choose from, but the CandyShell Grip case is the case that I would most often purchase. Although the backs of the case are usually made of a slick plastic, it also has a rubber grip design across the back as well. The case has a rubber inside for shock protection, and a tall lip around the outsides of the screen and camera. My only problem with these cases is that sometimes the rubber lip would peel off; I also had issues with the matte finish on the back of certain CandyShell cases, which would also peel off after some wear.




Incipio is another favorite of mine, especially because of how versatile their products run. You want something thin and light? They have it. Something a little more durable? Sure. Something a lot more durable? You got it. I’ve purchased Incipio cases for my iPhone 4S, Lumia 928, and now I have the DualPro case for my Moto X. I find that these cases have good quality for a decent price, so I like to shop for new cases with them often.





Spigen is another case manufacturer that I like to use. I’ve purchased cases from Spigen for my iPhone 4S, and most recently for the HTC One (M8). I don’t know what initially drew me to the Slim Armor case from Spigen, but I liked the way it looked and am very happy with the purchase. The case has a nice matte finish on the back, giving the phone a decent grip; it’s slim-ish, but also thick, which is good because I knew I would drop the phone a time or to; and finally, it has a nice lip above the screen and rear cameras. I am quite fond of Spigen’s cases and quality.





Poetic is another company that I think has good quality for the money. I originally purchased a Poetic case for my iPhone 4S, and later found that they were one of the only companies to make cases for the Nokia Lumia 928 as well. Both cases served well for my phones, felt good in the hand, and were quite durable. That’s two for two, and to me that’s worth mentioning.



Unfortunately there were a lot more duds than there were winners when it comes to preferred case makers, but you live and you learn I suppose. I found that some of the cheaper cases (we’re talking $2-$4 here) really weren’t worth purchasing because they would break easily. The same goes for glamour cases (lots of flair and gems) because they would just fall right off or turn your hands the same color as the case due to a cheap paint job. However, I am most pleased with the five case makers that I mentioned above.


Readers, who are some of your favorite case makers?


Images via XDA, Gadget Sin