Google Now gains updated Weather card

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 27, 2014

Google Now updated weather card multiple cities

The Google Now updates continue! Just days after Google added support for rental car reservation reminders to its Google Search app, the company has now tweaked the weather cards that are shown in Google Now.

As noted by Android Police, Google has changed the way that Google Now displays weather information for multiple cities. Previously the app would give each city its own card, but now it shows several cities grouped together on a single Weather card with the temperature and current weather. Full forecast information can be viewed in a separate card.

This new multi-city Weather card is a small tweak, but it should make it easier for folks to quickly view the weather in several cities at once. If you don’t yet see the refreshed card in your own Google Now, give it some time, because updates like these typically roll out slowly.

Do you have this new weather card in your Google Now?

Via Android Police, +MatthewMcNair