Why did you leave BlackBerry?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 27, 2014

I'm not sure there's a hardware feature on any current smartphone that I like as much as I liked track wheels back in the day. That may just be because there isn't really any interesting details to our smartphone hardware these days (except maybe swivel cameras), but I think it's mostly just because the track wheel was the best thing. I can still remember using it to play games like Brick Breaker. I play a lot of games on my phones these days, but probably still not as much as I played Brick Breaker back then. Me and a friend, always trying to beat one another's scores.

BlackBerry, or Research In Motion as they were called all those years ago, was ridiculously popular when I first discovered the track wheel. I sold a lot of them every day, and I personally loved using them quite a bit. The track wheel was only part of the whole package that so many people seemed to fall in love with. I guess, looking back, I can see why the company --at a very basic level-- decided to keep things the same, even as the market and consumers were changing.

Don't fix what isn't broken, right?

While everyone was moving forward, the BlackBerry stayed the same. People were still out there in the wild buying a BlackBerry-branded device, sure, but it just wasn't happening in the droves it once had been. That eventually led to the present, where BlackBerry is now clawing at the wall, hoping for any type of purchase to help climb just a little bit higher. Essentially, they're trying desperately to stay away from the waterline.

My attachment to BlackBerry is purely emotional at this point. I've used plenty of current generation BlackBerry handsets, and while many of them had their strong points, I just couldn't keep them. Whether it's a lack of apps or something else, I know plenty of people who have done the same thing, and I'm sure there are many of you out there who have given it a shot but just couldn't make it work.

I've asked why you've left Windows Phone and Android, and now I want to know why you may have given up on BlackBerry. Whether it's been years since you've used a BlackBerry handset, or maybe you've given up on the platform and hardware company recently, I want to know why you made the decision to jump to another platform. Or, if you're one of the few out there that have managed to stick around, to fight the good fight, tell me why you've made it work so far, and which handset you're using currently. Let me know!

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